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102 Course Description

You’ve taken 101 and you know God speaks; now you want a more personal revelation on how He communicates with you. You want to sharpen your ability to recognize His voice and hone your revelatory gifts. You want to communicate God’s heart to others.

Advanced Prophetic Ministry is an exciting course that will open your eyes to the myriad ways God uses to communicate every day. This course will show how you can hear and communicate His words to others. It will impact you with the magnitude of God’s love and His desire to be in dialogue with you. Full of in-depth biblical explanations, personal anecdotes, and lots of hands-on practical exercises, this course opens up fresh and unexpected understanding to those wishing to minister in the prophetic.

Topics covered include: Biblical Foundations of Prophecy, God’s Heart for Prophecy, The Place of Prophecy Today, Recognizing the Voice of the Lord, Heart Preparation, God’s Means of Communication, Protocol for Personal Prophetic Ministry, and Avoiding Pitfalls.

Who should attend this course? People who desire to move in prophetic ministry, sharpen their ability to hear from God, hone their revelatory gifts, and minister prophetically with Streams Prophetic Teams.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Know what prophecy is and why it’s important to the church today
  • Be able to discern the different ways God speaks
  • Activate your revelatory gifts, such as the discerning of spirits and words of knowledge
  • Know how to avoid common pitfalls in the prophetic
  • Know how to effectively and confidently deliver a prophetic word
  • Be acquainted with protocol for prophetic ministry
  • Be familiar with team ministry dynamics
  • Be familiar with Prophetic Ministry teams

Experience prophetic synergy!
Ministering on a prophetic team is a great opportunity to see how much more significant and powerful your prophetic word can be in the context of your team members’ words. You see in part, they see in part, and all together, you see more of the whole. Discover a powerful way to grow in your gift and to witness God pour out His love on His people. Prerequisite to joining Prophetic Ministry Teams are the 101 and 102 courses.

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Prerequisite: Course 101 - The Art of Hearing God is designed to train students to hear the voice of the Lord and to develop greater intimacy with Him. This course will help you develop and recognize God's voice, expand your capacity to hear what God is saying, fine-tune your spiritual sensitivity, uncover the many ways God speaks to you, pursue a more intimate relationship with God and much more.
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